As indoor season comes to an end I just want to reflect on the handwork and dedication that I have put into my training.

I had a lot of confidence going into the beginning of indoor considering all of the great workouts my coach had assigned and has been assigning as our track season continues. But I did come into indoor with a lot of nerves built up since I am only a freshman and I was running against grown men that look very intimidating.

As the first race came around I felt as if I was ready to go. As I toed the line and the gun went off I was sitting in a great position with 5 laps to go; making my way around the turn I got tripped up and went down. I was sitting dead last but I new my team was counting on me to move up. So that I did.

I caught up to my teammate and ended up running terrible and taking 9th place overall in the 3k.


3k at Wartburg College

I ended up running 2 or 3 more 3k’s throughout indoor but I felt like it wasn’t the race for me at the time.

I took over the mile within a week prior to my last 3k running a PR of 4:42. I ran 3 more 1600’s after that race, also running the mile in the DMR for the conference team taking 7th in that race. As a team we won that meet for the first time in UD history.

This has given me a lot of confidence running into the outdoor season. I have been running some crazy workouts as a freshman and I’m running them hard and more comfortably than what I thought I could.

Coach and I have been talking and I’m suppose to specialize in steeple so I can score for the team. I am also taking over the 5k and 10k with our All-American and National runner, Alec Bass.

Our first meet is in Alabama. Knowing that there is only around 40-50 seats open I didn’t think I was going to get the opportunity to run there. But like I said before coach and I had a meeting about my season and how I was feeling. He asked me, “how would you like to run the 5k in Alabama?” It caught me off guard but with tons of excitement.

I can’t wait to run at such a high level.


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